Success stories

A few examples of what we’re all about… Game changing impact.
CASE Study 1

$4B B2B Productivity SaaS Startup backed by a16z, Lightspeed & Craft Ventures

We were lucky enough to be the first investor in ClickUp & came on board as their primary recruiting partner in January 2020. In a span of 2.5 years, we helped them grow from a boot strapped team of 30 to a world class organization of 900+ people, achieving a $4B Series C Valuation led by a16z.

To date, we’ve completed 60+ Placements spanning Executive, Talent, Marketing, Engineering & Product teams.

Notable Placements: Board Advisor, Chief Creative Officer/CMO, Chief People Officer, VP Talent, Head of Engineering, Head of Customer Support

Hired 20+ Tier 1 Engineers in ~ 4 month time period to drive mission critical replatforming & scale initiative

“It simply doesn't get any better than Chris and Quantum. The golden standard in talent acquisition - they've been absolutely game-changing for ClickUp and we wouldn't have scaled without them. Quantum is world-class in every sense of the word along with being an absolute joy to work with. They go infinitely above and beyond, even as far as helping coach our own talent teams on their magical wizardry.”

Zeb Evans
Founder & CEO,
CASE Study 2

$800M B2B IT SaaS Startup backed by Okta, Felicis & Tiger Global

In 2021, we helped Kandji scale from 40 to 250+ people (Series A – Series C), achieving a 10x valuation increase in a single year. We came on board as one of several vendors, and quickly became an investor & exclusive recruiting partner company-wide.

To date, we’ve completed 75+ placements, spanning a full executive suite build out in addition to hyper scaling teams across Engineering, Product & Sales. 

Notable Placements: COO, SVP Technology & CISO, General Counsel, VP Product Design, 2x Chief of Staff (VP), VP Customer Success, Head of Demand Generation, VP Corporate Marketing, Creative Director, VP Engineering, Director Engineering, Director of Product Management (2), Director of DevOps, Chief Architect.

Hired 20+ Engineers in a 6 month time span.

“I have worked with multiple external recruiting partners, and I can say without a doubt that Chris Vasquez and Quantum Team is the best choice out there for fast-growing, pre-IPO companies. Chris brings the perfect combination of business knowledge to identify talent and enthusiasm to generate candidate excitement. He is my trusted advisor on talent decisions and go-to for my most critical leadership hires - from the C-Suite to VPs to Directors across R&D, GTM, and G&A”

Adam Pettit
Founder & CEO,


"We engaged with Chris and team to hire our founding engineering team, including AI, backend, full stack. We had a pipeline of superstar candidates ready to interview super-fast, we made 4 offers in about a month! In fact, we had to ask Chris to slow down since we were struggling to keep up with the interviews! Have recommended them to others who had a similar experience."

Soham Mazumdar
Founder & CEO,
Wisdom AI

"I cannot recommend Quantum highly enough! In the challenging domain of talent acquisition, their efficiency and precision are unparalleled. They have an uncanny knack for understanding our needs and swiftly delivering candidates that not only meet, but often exceed, our expectations. Thanks to them, we've been able to onboard outstanding engineers in record time. If you're in need of top-tier talent, look no further. Quantum is the partner you've been searching for!"

Aladdin Almubayed
Co-Founder & CTO,

"We worked with Chris and Quantum on our VP of Artificial Intelligence search. They did a spectacular job and found us a pool of world class talent in a matter of weeks!”

Michael Vega-Sanz
Co-Founder & President,

“Chris has been a fantastic partner. He's the ace up my sleeve and has placed a high number of absolutely stellar candidates at our portfolio companies.”

Kelsey Grinnell
Director of Talent,
Quiet Capital

“After knowing Chris for nearly 3 years, I can confidently say that he is the epitome of world class. I've worked with 50+ Talent agencies over a 10+ year career as a Talent Leader, and there is no one that I've met that is in Chris's league. He's quick to deliver results, he communicates effectively with both myself and Executives, and his quality and understanding of what we need is impeccable. I look up to him, learn each time I talk to him, and he's hands down one of my favorite people to go to for market knowledge. I cannot say enough good things about Chris, he has my highest recommendation.”

Vivek Punjabi
Head of Talent,

“Chris and the entire Quantum team are some of the strongest recruiting partners I've ever worked with. They quickly made multiple key hires with an exceptionally high bar for us.What I appreciated most was their burning passion and energy to be a partner in building our startup.I'd recommend them to anyone and will be working with them again when the opportunity presents itself.”

Siddharth Batra
Founder & CEO,