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success stories

A few examples of what we’re all about… Game changing impact.

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$800M B2B IT SaaS Startup backed by Okta, Felices & Tiger Global

In 2021, we helped Kandji scale from 40 to 250+ people (Series A – Series C), achieving a 10x valuation increase in a single year. We came on board as one of several vendors, and quickly became an investor & exclusive recruiting partner company-wide.

We've completed 60+ placements, spanning a full executive suite build out in addition to hyper scale hiring across Engineering, Product & GTM.

Search: SVP Technology & CISO, General Counsel, VP Product Design, 2x Chief of Staff (VP), Head of Customer Success, Head of Demand Generation, Head of Corporate Marketing, Creative Director, 2x Director of Engineering, Director of Product Management, Director of DevOps, Chief Architect

Scale: Hired 30+ Software Engineers in a ~4 month time window


$4B B2B Productivity SaaS Startup backed by a16z, Craft & Lightspeed

We were lucky enough to be the first investors in ClickUp & came on board as their primary recruiting partner in January 2020. In the span of ~2 years, we’ve helped them grow from a boot strapped team of 30 to a world class organization of 900+ people, recently achieving a $4B Series C valuation lead by a16z.

We’ve completed 50+ Placements, spanning Executive & Engineering & Product.

Search: Chief Creative Officer/CMO, Chief People Officer, VP Talent, Head of Customer Support

Scale: Hired 15+ FAANG-level engineers in ~ 2 months to drive technology transformation efforts

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