Who We Are

Our purpose is simple:

Be the single most valuable partner and talent engine for startups. Let’s keep it real ... There are 8 billion people on planet Earth and 10 billion recruiting firms. Founders and Executives don’t need another agency; they need builders—true partners who care deeply about their missions, operate with intense urgency, and have a no-bullshit approach to consistently deliver world-class results.

We believe that recruiting partners should share the same DNA as the companies they help build. That's why we exclusively focus on startups -- elite standards, missionary mindset, and next-level hustle are all we know.  We are built to serve The Crazy Ones—the dreamers with "unrealistic" visions who operate with an unprecedented level of hunger and standards that few can comprehend.

We're not interested in the status quo: simply placing people, collecting checks, and adding incremental value.

Our mission is to create game-changing partnerships that lead to Quantum Leaps in results, and we've developed a new recruiting model to achieve just that.

“It simply doesn't get any better than Chris and Quantum. The golden standard in talent acquisition - they've been absolutely game-changing for ClickUp and we wouldn't have scaled without them. Quantum is world-class in every sense of the word along with being an absolute joy to work with. They go infinitely above and beyond, even as far as helping coach our own talent teams on their magical wizardry.”

Zeb Evans
Founder & CEO,

Our Approach

Our Guiding Question
How can we create more value for Founders & Startups than any other organization on planet Earth?
Our Solution
Be the one partner that startups can rely on to help build their entire organizations at an elite level, from seed - exit.

In order to execute on this goal, we’ve assembled a Seal Team of best in class Partners with .01% track records and deep specializations across skill sets, domains and company stages. Collectively, we have thousands of successful searches & unparalleled business knowledge to help guide our Founders throughout their journeys.
Quantum Search
Our retainer Executive Search Team spanning Director - C-Suite across R&D, GTM and G&A.
Quantum Scale
Our contingent team spanning IC - Sr Manager hires across Engineering & Product team builds as well as GTM scale ups.

To create even greater win/win partnerships, we often defer fees for equity and invest capital in the companies we help build.

Our approach in a nutshell: Partner with startups that we align with, go all in, and achieve greatness together.

Our Values

Mamba Mentality
We have a deep intrinsic drive to become the greatest versions of ourselves, both in our crafts and in our personal lives. We embody continuous improvement, reverence for the process and a relentless dedication to being the best.
Passion for People
The DNA of our team is a shared love of humanity. This is bigger than business – we care deeply about creating a tangible positive impact on the world through each interaction and relationship we engage in. Our profound desire to serve is our greatest competitive advantage and the energy behind our success.
Drivers not Passengers
We take 100% ownership of our own success and enthusiastically seek out ways to improve ourselves, our team and our company. We don't just identify problems, we take responsibility for driving solutions and getting shit done! Every day we learn from our mistakes, learn from them quickly and choose growth over ego.
Character over Everything
Our reputation is our greatest currency. We believe results are king, but how you win matters just as much. We build profound and lasting relationships through abnormal levels of integrity, accountability and kindness.
Be a Gamechanger
“Status Quo” is our “Voldemort.” We’re here to 10x the bar for search excellence and demonstrate what it means to be a game changing partner. Our level of impact and commitment to our client’s success are unrivaled.
Team First
Championship organizations are built on shared purpose, unity and selfless contribution. This is why we always put the greater good of the team ahead of our individual needs. We relentlessly support one another, build each other up, and pursue collective greatness.
Have a S**t ton of fun
We don’t believe in working a “job” you need a vacation from. We create fun in our everyday work and have the freedom to build our dream life styles... on our own terms!