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Company Essence

We're obsessed with building championship teams & companies that transform the world.

We built Quantum to solve the biggest problem in the recruiting industry: incremental value.

There are roughly 8 billion people on planet earth, and somehow we have 10 billion recruiting firms… and yet so few that truly create transformational impact.

That’s why we’ve created the 96' Bulls of Recruiting – an elite team of startup recruiting experts and .01% performers with deep track records in building winning teams. We don't place people — we build entire companies. From full-stack Executive Search to hyper scale Engineering & GTM hiring, we're the firm Founders trust to take their company from Series - IPO.

And we only do Startups.

Simple reason: We love working with kindred spirits. Startup Founders & Executives have a radical sense of mission, conviction & urgency – these are the people we like to build with.


Our entire team are obsessives: fanatical about mastering our crafts, becoming the greatest versions of ourselves, and achieving ‘impossible’ results through passion, grit and no tolerance for excuses.

Core values

Mamba Mentality

We have a deep intrinsic drive to become the greatest versions of ourselves, both in our crafts and in our personal lives. We embody continuous improvement, reverence for the process and a relentless dedication to being the best.

Passion for People

The DNA of our team is a shared love of humanity. This is bigger than business – we care deeply about creating a tangible positive impact on the world through each interaction and relationship we engage in. Our profound desire to serve is our greatest competitive advantage and the energy behind our success.

Team First

Championship organizations are built on shared purpose, unity and selfless contribution. This is why we always put the greater good of the team ahead of our individual needs. We relentlessly support one another, build each other up, and pursue collective greatness.

Be a Game Changer

“Status Quo” is our “Voldemort.” We’re here to 10x the bar for search excellence and demonstrate what it means to be a game changing partner. Our level of impact and commitment to our client’s success are unrivaled.

Character Over Everything

Our reputation is our greatest currency. We believe results are king, but how you win matters just as much. We build profound and lasting relationships through abnormal levels of integrity, accountability and kindness.

Everyone is a Leader

As the CEO’s of our own lives, we all take radical responsibility for our personal development, our commitments, and how we show up every day. We own our mistakes, learn from them quickly and choose growth over ego.

Have a S*** Ton of Fun

We don’t believe in working a “job” you need a vacation from. We create fun in our everyday work and have the freedom to build our dream life styles... on our own terms!


Founder & CEO








Director of Operations


Principal Recruiter


Senior Recruiter


Principal Recruiter


Principal Recruiter


Senior Executive Recruiter


Senior Executive Recruiter


Senior Recruiter

We also believe that how you win matters just as much. Our secret sauce is the heart of our team – we share a deep love for humanity and desire to serve others.

We’re here to redefine what it means to be a partner… and we’re bringing a whole ‘nother level of heart and hustle.

While we’re die-hard winners...

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